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   A definition of a weed is a plant that is growing where it is not wanted, it can have strong and healthy growth, and is able to overgrow valued plants by overcrowding, thus depleting soil nutrients and moisture that would otherwise be available to preferred plants. Most lawns sufferer from lawn weeds especially if they don't use any sort of weed control.  But in order to control weeds in your lawn you need to be able to identify them as there is no one fix for all weeds, so I have listed some of the most common weeds you might find in your lawn below with a description of how to control them.
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     What is thatch?

  Thatch is an organic layer in your lawn consisting of tight intermingled dead, dying and living roots, stems and leaves which is between the layer of grown grass and the soil below.  Thatch is not unusual. It is a normal part of growing grasses and is not a problem unless it gets to thick. You are more likely to have high amounts of thatch on a high maintenance lawn with lots of traffic.
Not all grasses in lawns produce thatch for example rye grass, though it is not one of the finest grasses but it is known for being hard wearing and it does not produce thatch.  A typical luxury lawn grass that will not contain any rye grass will be more susceptible to thatch and need scarifying but a hard wearing type lawn grass will contain rye grass with i high content and will be less likely to need scarifying.
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         Have you just been to your local garden center to buy fertilizer for your lawn and was confused buy all the choice, symbols and numbers. There is a large range of lawn fertilizers on the market from granular to liquid feeds depending on you requirements and needs but there is one thing they will all have in common and that is printed on the bag or box  N-P-K. This stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and understanding these numbers is an important part of buying the correct lawn fertilizer.
Below is a list describing what each chemical does,

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Correct mowing techniques is a vital part of having a healthy lush green lawn and it is free. Grass that is 2" long has quite a bigger leaf area. Give the grass lots of sunshine and the grass will produce plenty of food making the lawn green and healthy. Restrict the amount of sun going into the plant by cutting the lawn to short and this will result in less food created by the plant.

When the amount of sun is reduced whether by shade or 'close' mowing, the plants protection systems kick in. It starts growing leaves faster so that it can replace the leaf you cut off or make up for being in the shade. This means the closer you mow the faster the grass grows!

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