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Grasshopper garden services can take care of all your gardening needs. We offer a range of garden maintenance services that can be incorporated into your existing gardening schedule or we can perform these as a one off services. So you can relax knowing your garden is in good hands.
Hedge trimming


Weed removal Weeds within flower beds, borders and near lawn areas in most cases cannot be treated with herbicides (weed killers). These weeds need to be removed by hand. It can be laborious process but an essential one in keeping your garden tidy and looking its best. We would usually recommend weeding is incorporated into your gardening schedule as it is an on-going process.


Fencing Has your fence been damaged by wind or is just old, rotten and unsightly? Whatever the reason we can erect any type of fencing you and your budget require from  feather edge fencing to individual fence panels. We can also re-treat your fence to prolong its life and make it look like new again. We use the best quality sprayable fence care treatments in a variety of shades to enhance your gardens look.


Leaf removalFallen leaves can be very damaging to your lawn if not removed and can cause a slip hazard on hard surfaces once they are wet. We can clear your property of leaves and bag them up neatly ready for their safe removal.


We can reshape, trim and prune your hedges. This can be incorporated into your regular garden maintenance schedule or just as a one off service.


Mrs Ross
04 November 2013
Good, friendly and reliable service. 4/5
Mrs Mary Mond
27 November 2013
Reliable, reasonable and gives good service. A good workman. 5/5
Mr A.Zielinski
12 May 2013
Very good reliable service 4/5