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We use the same products used for professional lawns and sports grounds, which are unavailable to the general public. This enables us to give you the beautiful lawn you have always wanted and making you the envy of all your neighbors, family and friends.

Training and qualifications (city and guilds level) is required by all of our
operatives to administer our products. No lawn is the same so neither are our treatments, thats why we assess every lawn and tailor a specific lawn care plan to suits its individual needs. we use combinations of a wide variety of lawn fertilizers and weed treatments which are applied with specially calibrated equipment to give the maximum effect.
WE OFFER two treatment programs, basic and complete
Please call or email for more information or advice.
This treatment is good if your lawn does not suffer from moss, if you require moss treatment please look at the complete treatment.
The same as the basic programme but it includes a moss treatment in autumn prior to scarification being carried out. This treatment is best if your lawn suffers from a lot of moss.


Spring fertiliser is applied to
encourage strong growth and
rooting after winter. A weed killer is also applied to control clover,
buttercup, daisy and dandelions.
Included Included


We use a scorch free fertiliser to
encourage a greener, thicker
lawn and strong root growth which
protects against dry conditions.
A weed killer is also applied to
control weeds.
Included Included


Late summer fertiliser is applied to
take advantage of the weather
conditions. This aids root strength
and helps it recover from the early
summer. A weed killer is also applied to control weeds.
Included Included


Our autumn fertiliser is formulated
to strengthen and encourage lawn
health during the cooler periods. High levels of Phosphorus and Potassium encourage root growth and helps turf store
energy for winter.
Included Included
A moss treatment will be applied
prior to Scarifying.
Not Included Included


Mr I.Roberts
27 February 2013
Whilst Sean has been looking after my garden it has never looked so nice. He takes pride in his work. He is always very pleasant and nothing is too ...
Carolyn Mumby
27 July 2013
The team at Grasshopper Garden Services have provided consistently high quality garden maintenance and I have been delighted with the results. Thorou...
Mrs J Whyte
03 May 2013
I have found Grasshopper Garden Services work excellent, trustworthy, honest and reasonably priced. 5/5